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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Liturgist Story Testimonies Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Mar 1 9:30am Sunday Jen Raffensperger,InternMinister "Apocalypse? We've All Been There" Rev. Carl Nichole Jane Thompso 1012 "When I Am Frightened"
1017 "Building a New Way"
Nick Int Veldt Choir Susan TenDyke Holt
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Mar 8 9:30am Sunday Bhante "Dharma Talk" Rev. Carl Jen Ed MacDonald 1009 쏮editation on Breathing (6x)
1031 쏤illed with Loving Kindness (2nd v.: 쓞ou
3rd v.: 쐗e)
Nick Int Veldt Nick Int Veldt Joseph Conny
  11:30am Sunday Bill Bromfield
Sun Mar 15 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Broadway Sunday: Anything Goes" Rev. Carl ---- Split-plate ---- Nick Int Veldt Choir Scot Hull
  11:30am Sunday Daylynn Wright
Sun Mar 22 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl(2kwords) "Bodies & Laws" Jen(750words) Nichole Barbara Shec 73 "Chant for the Seasons" (spring verse, twice)
109 "As We Go Marching"
Susan Holt Bill and Lisa Bromfield Steve Buckingham
  11:30am Sunday Brad Calhoun
Sun Mar 29 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl " Life Reimagined + Flower Communion" Sabrina Smith Sabrina Sabrina:Pled 396 쏧 Know This Rose Will Open
305 쏡e Colores
Nick Int Veldt Scarlet Fannin
  11:30am Sunday Daylynn Wright
Sun Apr 5 9:30am Sunday Youth Group "Youth Sunday" DRE Youth??? Youth Nick Int Veldt Nick Int Veldt
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 12 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "What Happens Next?" Jen Raffensperger Nichole Davin??? 61 쏬o, the Earth Awakes Again
276 쏰 Young and Fearless Prophet
Nick Int Veldt Choir Susan TenDyke Holt
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 19 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Recent History, the Human Game, & Ecodharma" Jen Raffensperger Jen Split-plate 1067 쏮other Earth, Beloved Garden
1064 쏝lue Boat Home
Nick Int Veldt Choir
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 26 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Mary Oliver" Nancy Pace Nichole Danielle Grace Brian Anderson
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 3 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Love, Capital, & Revolution" Jen Raffensperger Jen Nick Int Veldt Choir
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 10 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Founding Mothers of UU: Lydia Maria Child" Nancy Pace Carl Nick Int Veldt Nick Int Veldt
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 17 9:30am Sunday Fiona Torok; Claudia Cruey "쏶hifting Your Mindset & 쏝lessing New Voices" Rev. Carl ----- Split-plate 358 "Rank by Rank
1061 쏤or So the Children Come (child ded.)
155 "Circle Round for Freedom"
Nick Int Veldt Choir
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 24 10:30am Sunday Jen Raffensperger,InternMinister "Intern Minister #5" Rev. Carl Nichole
Sun May 31 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Making of Asian America" Jen Raffensperger
Sun Jun 7 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Mind, Matter, Mystery, & Meaning"
Sun Jun 14 10:30am Sunday Dr. Terry Anne Scott
Sun Jun 21 10:30am Sunday Split-plate
Sun Jun 28 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 5 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 12 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 19 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl " Isaiah Berlin" Split-plate
Sun Jul 26 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Mystical Insights of Rumi "
Sun Aug 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Thoreau, Animal Emotions, & Us"
Sun Aug 9 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "This Land Is Our Land"
Sun Aug 16 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Myths, Memories, Suffrage, & Justice" Split-plate
Sun Aug 23 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "We the People"
Sun Aug 30 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "William James"
Sun Sep 6 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Utopia for Realists"