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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Worship Assoc Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Testimonies Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Apr 28 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Gwendolyn Brooks" Carole Larsen 83 쏻inds Be Still
352 쏤ind Stillness
Danielle Grace Danielle Grace Joe Ginorio
  11:30am Sunday Brad Calhoun
Sun May 5 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Unitarianism Remixed" Megan 145 쏛s Tranquil Streams
34 쏷hough I May Speak with Bravest Fire
Nick Choir Susan Holt
  11:30am Sunday Roy Greene
Sun May 12 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Olympia Brown" Megan 188 쏞ome, Come, Whoever Your Are (twice in unison)
1053 "How Could Anyone
Nick Nick Roy Greene
  11:30am Sunday Daylynn Wright
Sun May 19 9:30am Sunday Cole Bromfield (other???) "Blessing New Voices " Nichole Hymn No. 358 "Rank by Rank
1061, 쏤or So the Children Come.
155 쏞ircle Round for Freedom (sing twice)
Nick Choir Joe Conny Split-Plate?
  11:30am Sunday Joe Ginorio
Sun May 26 10:30am Sunday Megan "Farewell" Carl 298 "Wake now, my senses"
1008 "When Our Heart is in a Holy Place"
Bill Bromfield Scarlet Fannin (& Bill Bromfield) Brad Calhoun
Sun Jun 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising" Megan 151 " I Wish I Knew How"
170 "We Are a Gentle, Angry People"
Susan Holt Joe Ginorio Susan Holt
Sun Jun 9 10:30am Sunday Bob Clegg "Beloved Conversations" Nick Int Veldt Madison Middleton Roy Greene
Sun Jun 16 10:30am Sunday Paula Cole Jones LynnW or CarolA Danielle Grace Danielle Grace Joe Conny
Sun Jun 23 10:30am Sunday Scot Hull (Bob out of town) Nick Int Veldt Julia Jones Joe Ginorio
Sun Jun 30 10:30am Sunday Julia Jones Nick Int Veldt Bill and Lisa Bromfield Brad Calhoun
Sun Jul 7 10:30am Sunday Rev. Nancy McDonald Ladd Richard Polonchak Matthew and Michael Polonchak
Sun Jul 14 10:30am Sunday David Key & Dee Jenkins LynnW or CarolA Julia Jones Julia Jones & Scarlet Fannin
Sun Jul 21 10:30am Sunday Rev. Megan Foley Nichole Hodges-Abbasi Nichole Hodges-Abbasi
Sun Jul 28 10:30am Sunday Irene Glasse [Bob out] Susan Holt Stephen Darnell
Sun Aug 4 10:30am Sunday Lora Powell-Haney Richard Polonchak Matthew and Michael Polonchak
Sun Aug 11 10:30am Sunday Barb Trader Danielle Grace Danielle Grace
Sun Aug 18 10:30am Sunday Nichole Hodges-Abassi (Bob out) Nichole's mom Nichole's mom
Sun Aug 25 10:30am Sunday Steve Buckingham "Moving from Radical Individualism to Compassionate Community" Cheryl O'Brien Steve Buckingham Steve Buckingham
Sun Sep 1 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "[Labor Rights]" Susan Holt Irene Glasse