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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Worship Assoc Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Testimonies Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Jul 22 10:30am Worship Julia Jones "Peace with Broken Pieces" Scot Hull 188 밅ome, Come, Whoever Your Are
1031 밊illed with Loving Kindness (2nd v.: 봸ou, 3rd v.: 뱖e)
Susan Holt Julia Jones & Scarlet Coleman Sali Dimond
Sun Jul 29 10:30am Worship Irene Glasse "Living in Alignment [Bob out of town]" Karen Butler Chants Irene Glasse Irene Glasse Roy Greene
Sun Aug 5 10:30am Worship Rev. Rebekah Savage "The Work of Being the Light [themes: calling, living purpose]" Carole Larsen 20 "Be Thou My Vision", 298 Wake Now My Senses Danielle Grace Danielle Grace Susan Holt
Sun Aug 12 10:30am Worship Jon Coffee "From "Bio" to "Theo"[Will do SfAA, Reading: Sometimes It Takes A Little Craziness - A. Herrera쟦ttp://bit.ly/2H9TLTI]" Lora P-H 360 "Here We Have Gathered", 122 "Sound Over All Waters" Susan Holt Joe Ginorio Roy Greene
Sun Aug 19 10:30am Worship Scot Hull "Why My Dog Is Not A Humanist" Bob Clegg 331 "Life is the Greatest Gift of All"
311 "Let it Be a Dance"
Danielle Grace Julia Jones Brad Calhoun Split-Plate
Sun Aug 26 10:30am Worship Zebulon Armstrong-Green "Bernard Lafayette Jr. [Chalice Community #1 of 3][Bob out of town]" Danielle Grace 361 밇nter, Rejoice and Come In (verses 1-5)
1018 밅ome and Go with Me [Zipper: freedom/justice/singing]
Bill & Lisa Bromfield Bill & Lisa Bromfield Joe Ginorio
Sun Sep 2 10:30am Worship Sea Raven & Mike Morse SR&Mike Sea Raven Morse Sea Raven Morse Susan Holt