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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Worship Assoc Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Testimonies Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Feb 24 9:30am Sunday Shari Halliday-Quan, Intern@UUSF "Turning Thunder Into Grace" Rev. Carl 347 쏥ather the Spirit
1007 "There's a River
Susan Holt Bill Bromfield and Scarlet Fannin Joe Ginorio Ann Andrex-U
  11:30am Sunday Joe Conny
Sun Mar 3 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Why Time Flies" Megan 1058 "Be Ours a Religion"
1003 쏻here Do We Come From?
Nick Choir Susan Holt GeoforScarl[
  11:30am Sunday Brad Calhoun
Sun Mar 10 9:30am Sunday Youth Group "Youth Sunday" Nichole 1013 쏰pen My Heart
Hymn 170 쏻e Are a Gentle, Angry People (b/w sermons)
Nick Youth Roy Greene ErinRose[Ste
  11:30am Sunday Daylynn Wright
Sun Mar 17 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Rewriting the Story" Megan 1000, 쏮orning Has Come (v. 2-3, 1) [Soloist: v.1 a cappella w/ much feeling/rubato, piano/percussion at tempo on 쐆ome.]
1017 쏝uilding a New Way
Nick Choir Joe Conny Split-Plate
  11:30am Sunday Roy Greene
Sun Mar 24 9:30am Sunday Megan "Soaring" Carl 38 "Morning Has Broken
1064 "Blue Boat Home"
Susan Holt Susan Holt Joe Ginorio Bobbi M.[Ste
  11:30am Sunday Roy Greene
Sun Mar 31 9:30am Sunday Bhante Sujatha "Finding True Peace (by forgiving everyone): How to Let Go & Move On" Carl:trainSabrin 1009 쏮editation on Breathing (6x)
1031 쏤illed with Loving Kindness (2nd v.: 쓞ou
3rd v.: 쐗e)
Susan Holt Stephen Darnell Roy Greene
  11:30am Sunday Brad Calhoun
Sun Apr 7 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Faur챕셲 Requiem (different OoS Order)" ---- Nick Choir
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 14 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Justice on Earth" Megan 1064 쏝lue Boat Home
305 쏡e Colores
Flower Communion Instrumental
Nick Nick
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 21 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Resurrecting Easter" Megan 61 쏬o, the Earth Awakes Again
276 쏰 Young and Fearless Prophet
Nick Choir Split-Plate?
  11:30am Sunday
Sun Apr 28 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Gwendolyn Brooks" Carole Larsen Danielle Grace Danielle Grace
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 5 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Unitarian Christianity Remixed" Megan Nick Choir
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 12 9:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Olympia Brown" Megan Nick Nick
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 19 9:30am Sunday ???Cole ???other "???Graduate Recognition Sunday" Nichole Nick Choir Split-Plate?
  11:30am Sunday
Sun May 26 Sunday Megan "Farewell" Carl 298 "Wake now, my senses"
1008 "When Our Heart is in a Holy Place"
??? Scarlet Fannin (& Julia Jones???)
  10:30am Sunday
Sun Jun 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The 50th Anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising" Megan ??? Joe Ginorio
Sun Jun 9 10:30am Sunday