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The Friendly Forum

Sundays at 10:30am (or 9:15am during the summer) in Room 113.

The Friendly Forum is open to all, and topics are scheduled based on suggestions from participants. The topics may be spiritual or material, entertaining or serious, UUCF-related or not. We seek to create a safe, welcoming place to learn, freely express opinions, and to be informed of the opinions of others.

The coordinators for scheduling future Friendly Forums are David Purvis () and Samantha Purvis ().

Upcoming Sessions

February 24 - Middle Path to Sustainability and Well-Being. This presentation and discussion will be led by Asoka Bandarage from her book 'Sustainability and Well-Being: The Middle Path to Environment, Society and the Economy' (Palgrave Macmillan). Rm 113.

March 3 - Centering Black Voices Part 3: This discussion will be led by Carol Antoniewicz - details TDB

March 10 - March Split Plate Recipient; Discussion with Justice Jobs of Maryland, led by Bob Clegg, in the Sanctuary.

March 17 - Congregational Conversation; join Rev. Carl in the Sanctuary for discussion about Dr. Martin Luther King.

Previous Sessions

February 10 - February Split Plate Recipient: Discussion with the Able & Willing International Education Foundation in the Sanctuary
February 17 - Bipolar Play in the Sanctuary: Revealing the effects of Bipolar Disorder
February 3 - Centering Black Voices Part 2: This discussion will be led by Carol Antoniewicz in Room 124

January 27 - Be a Welcome Ambassador: Discussion led by our Intern Minister Megan Mathieson in Rm 113

January 20 - January Split Plate Recipient: Discussion with the UU Legislative Ministry of Maryland in Rm 113
January 13 - Camino de Santiago: Presentation and discussion of the Way of St. James, by Joe Gionorio in Rm 113


January 6 - Centering Black Voices Part 1: 'The Black Hole in the White UU Psyche' by Rev. Morrison-Reed

December 30 - Soap Box Sunday: BYOT (Bring Your Own Topic) in Rm 113
Jot down a topic of interest on a 3x5 card. One will be randomly selected as the topic of the day.
Discussion centered on the possibility of an 'Illuminati' group of wealthy elites running our country.
Notable comments:
  • Reference to the book 'Fascism - A Warning' by Madeleine Albright
December 23 - World Population Growth: Too Much of a Good Thing? (Rm 113)
Suggested links to preview in advance (you are welcome to bring your own):

Often 2nd Sundays are topics related to the following week's split-plate nominees.

(The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/FriendlyForum.)