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Atheists/Humanists/Agnostics (AHA)

The AHA Group is a place to discuss issues of interest unencumbered by expectations of traditional theistic ideas. Our intent is to focus on the reality of life here and now.


increase our understanding through reading, discussion, & debate,
communicate earnestly and compassionately,
contribute positively to each other, our families, and society,
celebrate life and the world in which we find ourselves.
Anyone is welcome who is willing to engage in reading, discussion, and debate, within these parameters.


During fall/winter/spring, we meet on the 3rd Sundays, 12:30p.m. - 2:00 p.m., usually in Room 124. (During the summer, AHA meets at 11:45 a.m.)

Upcoming Topics

  • Sunday, February 18, 2018: Discussion of "FantasyLand", by Kurt Andersen
  • Sunday, January 21, 2018: "When God is Gone, Everything is Sacred" by Chet Raymo
  • Sunday, December 17, 2017: We continue our study of 'Religion without God' the last work by legal philosopher, Ronald Dworkin. (Rm 124.)

Contact List

For more information or to be added to the AHA email list, please email .

Links of Interest

(The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/AHA.)