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Service List

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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Liturgist Story Testimonies Hymns Accompanist Music House PA Livestream Ushers Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun May 22 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Life & Legacy of Woodie Guthrie" Intern Minister Kathryn PPC Bus? Bromfields will select Bill and Lisa Bromfield Bill and Lisa Bromfield ? Daylynn? / Jude?
Sun May 29 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn "A Tale of Two Declarations: Doing the Impossible" Rev. Carl Nichole will pick Nichole Hodges Abbasi Nichole Hodges Abbasi Jude? Bill / Daylynn?
Sun Jun 5 10:30am Sunday Rev. Dr. Rob Hardies "TBA by 4/6/21??? [Carl's 10th anniversary at UUCF]" Rev. Carl Nick Int Veldt Deb Int Veldt Daylynn? Jude? / Bill
Sun Jun 12 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Awkward, Brave, & Kind: Atlas of the Heart [Annual Meeting]" Intern Minister Kathryn 1053 "How Could Anyone”
1008 “When Our Heart Is In A Holy Place”
Danielle Grace Danielle Grace
Sun Jun 19 10:30am Sunday Mike Morse " [s-p]" Sea Raven Morse Sea Raven Morse
Sun Jun 26 10:30am Sunday Bob Clegg, M.Div. "Where Does It Hurt? Ruby Sales, Black Folk Religion, and White America" Danielle Grace Danielle Grace
Sun Jul 3 10:30am Sunday Sara Zimmerman "Quantum Physics and the Buddhist Heart Sutra" 1009 & 1031 a cappella with song leader(s) Deb recruiting a cappella Stephen Darnell
Sun Jul 10 10:30am Sunday Irene Glasse ""The Spiritual Practices of Service and Leadership"+CLM Commissioning"
Sun Jul 17 10:30am Sunday Lora Powell-Haney "Creativity Matters in Love and Justice"
Sun Jul 24 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn "What We Nurture"
Sun Jul 31 10:30am Sunday Nichole Hodges-Abbasi
Sun Aug 7 10:30am Sunday Steve Buckingham "Traveling a s a Spiritual Practice: Lessons from Our National Parks""
Sun Aug 14 10:30am Sunday Dr. Terry Anne Scott
Sun Aug 21 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Six Ways to Meditate"
Sun Aug 28 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Transformative Justice & Pleasure Activism" ??? ??? ???
Sun Sep 4 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "A Brief History of Equality & Labor Justice"