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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Liturgist Story Testimonies Hymns Accompanist Music Audio Cameras Ushers Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun Dec 4 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "How William James Can Save Your Life" Kathryn David Purvis 1003 “Where Do We Come From?”
1053 "How Could Anyone”
Nick Choir Daylynn Jude
Sun Dec 11 10:30am Sunday Dr Scott "For Such a Time as This: How Do We Sustain Our Attempts to Change the World" Carl [CL:LA] 55 “Circle ‘round for Freedom”
358 Rank by Rank
Nick Nick Roost (M:Bill) Steve (M:Bill)
Sun Dec 18 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl [& Irene:500words] "Rest Is Resistance" Kathryn [CL:CUUPS;s-p] 83 “Winds Be Still"
352 “Find a Stillness”
Sea Raven Morse Sea Raven & Stephen Darnell Jeff Von (M:Jude)
Sat Dec 24 5:00pm Candlelight Rev. Carl "The Mood of Christmas" Nick Choir Bill Daylynn
Sun Dec 25 10:30am Sunday UU ministers -- not UUCF "Pre-recorded on YouTube to watch anytime"
Sun Jan 1 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn [C away] "New Beginnings: Becoming and Renewal " Karen Butler Sea Raven Morse Sea Raven Morse Jeff Jude
Sun Jan 8 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Trusting Your Gut & Trusting the Data [Fire Communion]" Kathryn [J&S:stole200w] Nick Choir Daylynn Bill
Sun Jan 15 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Brothers in the Beloved Community: The Friendship of  Martin Luther King Jr. & Thich Nhat Hanh" Kathryn [CL:LA;s-p] Nick Nick Von Jude
Sun Jan 22 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "How Rights Went Wrong" Bob Clegg Nick Choir Roost (M:Bill) Daylynn
Sun Jan 29 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Unexpected Adventures in Philosophy [+Noon Auction AMA]" Renee Wimer [CL:CUUPS] Nichole Hodges-Abbasi Nichole Hodges-Abbasi Von Steve
Sun Feb 5 10:30am Sunday Sergio Espana, ACLU "due 12/5" Carl Nick Choir
Sun Feb 12 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Ways of Being" Kathryn Nick Nick
Sun Feb 19 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn "topic due 12/19" Carl [s-p] Nick Choir
Sun Feb 26 10:30am Sunday Analysis the Poet "due 12/26/22 -- CW for younger children + PROMO" Kathryn [CL:LA] Stewardship Bromfields will select Bromfields Bromfields
Sun Mar 5 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Fannie Lou Hamer" Kathryn [CL:LA] Stewardship Nick Choir
Sun Mar 12 10:30am Sunday Youth Group "Respect for the Interdependent Web of All Existence of Which We Are a Part" Melissa/Carl Stewardship Nick Youth
Sun Mar 19 10:30am Sunday Frederick Covenant of UU Pagans "Ostara" Carl/Irene [s-p] Stewardship FCUUPS FCUUPS
Sun Mar 26 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl " The Dawn of Everything [Auction Sermon] [j&s: stones]" Kathryn Stewardship Nick Choir
Sun Apr 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Power of Adrienne Rich" Kathryn Stewardship Nick Nick
Sun Apr 9 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Re-reading the Bible as Earthlings in Ecological Interdependence [FG: Memorial Flowers]" Nick Choir
Sun Apr 16 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "100th anniversary of Flower Communion" Kathryn [s-p] Danielle Grace Danielle Grace
Sun Apr 23 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Mountains, Rivers, and the Great Earth" Irene [CL:LA] Nick Choir
Sun Apr 30 10:30am Sunday Bhante Sujatha "topic due 2/28" Carl [CL:CUUPS] a cappella??? Stephen Darnell
Sun May 7 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Asian American Histories of the United States " Kathryn [CL:LA] Nick Choir
Sun May 14 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Founding Mothers of UU: The Extraordinary Life of Mary Wollstonecraft" Kathryn Nick Nick
Sun May 21 10:30am Sunday Maya??? Davin Faris (12-1500w) "Shifting Your Mindset & Blessing New Voices" Carl/Melissa [s-p] Nick Choir
Sun May 28 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Kathryn "What Really Matters?" Carl Joe will select Unity hymns that work on guitar Joe Ginorio Joe Ginorio
Sun Jun 4 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Clif Hardin’s UU Requiem [total music time???]" Choir Recog. Nick Choir
Sun Jun 11 10:30am Sunday R D-R??? [Carl@I/P] "due 4/11" DRT??? [CL:LA]
Sun Jun 18 10:30am Sunday Ursa Sylvest (they/them) "due 4/18" [CL:CUUPS;s-p]
Sun Jun 25 10:30am Sunday Richard Warren "topic due 4/25" Carl
Sun Jul 2 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 9 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 16 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 23 10:30am Sunday
Sun Jul 30 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 6 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 13 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 20 10:30am Sunday
Sun Aug 27 10:30am Sunday
Sun Sep 3 10:30am Sunday