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Blanche Ames Gallery

UUCF's Art Gallery is currently open for IN-PERSON viewing or by appointment.

"This Far Down the Road"

Blanche Ames Gallery invites you to meet our featured artist, Christopher Fowler. His on-sight photography show with artist's talk and reception opens Sunday, September 4 from 11:45-1:45, and the show will run through October 30.

The show is available for viewing in person on Sundays from 10-2:00 or on Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, mornings from 10-12:00 or by appointment at other times for individuals or small groups. To request an appointment, email us at with your name, phone# and date/time of desired appointment.

Chris is a self taught artist. He started his career as a graphic artist. While in school he started making animated movies, evolving into live action on Super-8 home movie film. The Ingmar Bergman film, "The Touch" was an inspiration. However, while in college he saw the Edward Steichen photograph of the Flatiron Building and, "It's been photography ever since."

He does not do photoshop or otherwise manipulate images, aside from cropping and, when needed, truing the horizontals. "I don't even use filters or a lot of different lenses. (Admittedly I do have a zoom lens, but my tendency is to use it in the wide-angle length so as to get the greatest possible depth of focus." The images are what comes through the lens and are meant to be deeply felt.

The following three quotations resonate with Chris' approach to photography. "Art is about telling the truth." Dylan Thomas. "What appeals to us about mountains and rocks and trees is not that they're mountains, rocks and trees, but rather the lines, planes and textures they present to us."Georgia O'Keeffe. "It's the task of the artist to convey the radiance behind the physical reality." Joseph Campbell.

Chris has shown his work at the following: Blue Elephant, The Artist Gallery, Shereen's Exquisite Fine Art Gallery, Crestwood Women's Center, 505 North Gallery, The Delaplaine Art Center and the Artist Angle - all located in Frederick, Circle Gallery, Piccolo Roma Restaurant, and Paul's Cafe in Annapolis, The Hill Center and Touchstone Gallery in Washington, DC., Gallery B in Bethesda, Washington County Arts Association, Washington County Art Museum, Washington County Senior Center in Hagerstown and many other places around the country.

Photos left to right: "Homage a Monet," "Looking Toward Patrick Street," "Morning Comes to Lahaina."

For artists: Are you wondering how to Exhibit in our Gallery?

We invite artists working in any media that can be wall hung to inquire about an exhibit with us. The Blanche Ames Gallery features over 100 linear feet of art exhibition space in two light-filled hallways within the UUCF building. Sorry, our space does not lend itself to displays of pottery, jewelry, or three-dimensional work that is free standing.

Artists interested in showing their work should submit a completed application and digital images by email or USMail to the office at UUCF . Please download the Proposal Form. Blanche Ames Gallery's email address is gallery@frederickuu dot org.

The Visual Arts Committee plans, schedules and executes all art exhibits at UUCF. We schedule six art shows (two months each) during the year, with an art reception and artist's talk on the first Sunday of each show. Here are a few examples of artists' shows at our Gallery:

Who was Blanche Ames? Why her name?

Blanche Ames (1878-1969) was an exceptional woman and a member of her Unitarian Congregation in Massachusetts. She was a leader who serves as an inspiration to us today.

With her minutely observed drawings and etchings she illustrated her husband's 7-volume treatise on orchids. Ames' talent extended well beyond art. She was a feminist, a suffragist, a leader in civic and charitable affairs, an inventor, an engineer and an author.

A more extensive biographical sketch can be found by clicking on Blanche Ames. After her death, the Ames family homestead, including the mansion with her studio, became a Massachusetts state park with more than 1800 acres of recreational space. https://www.mass.gov/locations/borderland-state-park

A new documentary film - "Borderland: The Life and Times of Blanche Ames Ames"- was released in 2020. Go to https://www.borderlandthedocumentary.com to watch the trailer and find out how schedule a private viewing or sign up for a community event at which the film will be shown.

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