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Chalice Communities


Register online during open registration periods. (Typically September & January.)

What are they?

Chalice Communities are UUCF's Small Group Ministry. The name alludes to the flaming chalice, the symbol of Unitarian Universalism. Chalice Communities are normally 8 to 10 members and friends of the congregation. Each group meets regularly (usually twice a month) to share experiences, interests, and ideas, and to explore spiritual themes through guided discussion. Topics for discussion are selected by the group and groups are led by one or two facilitators. Though these groups provide fellowship and support; they are not intended to be therapy.

Who runs the program?

UUCF's program has been developed by members of the congregation, based on successful programs in other UU congregations, with the support of the minister. The current co-chairs are Bobbi Mead and Carolyn Rocha, who can be reached at .

Why should I join?

Chalice Communities answer the need many people feel for creating community ties and nurturing spiritual growth.

  • For newcomers they offer a way to become a part of the congregation and gain a sense of belonging.
  • For long-time members they create new ways to relate, care for, and connect to one other.

What are the meetings like?

Chalice meetings follow an established pattern:

  • Chalice lighting and opening reading
  • Check-in to see how you are doing and what's on your mind (limited to a few minutes per person.)
  • Discussion based on topic chosen
Meetings will focus on topics such as: Change, Friendship, Joy, How We Celebrate the Holidays, Courage, Love, Anti-Racism, etc.
  • Check-out for final comments
  • Closing words and chalice extinguishing

Groups may spend as many meetings as they like on a topic. However, the primary goal is not to lecture to one another, but to talk and listen to one another.

When and for how long do the groups meet?

New groups form each fall and generally meet from October through mid-June twice a month. Daytime, evening, or weekend groups are planned depending on registrations and preferences of the participants. Each meeting is usually two hours.

What else should I know?

  • People who join chalice groups are asked to consider them as a time commitment. While occasional schedule conflicts do arise, the intent is not for chalice groups to be a "drop in when you want" kind of group. That said, individual groups do have different ways they handle this commitment.
  • Each chalice group is asked to perform two service projects as a group each year; one within UUCF and one out in the larger community. Some groups in the past have hosted new member or artist receptions, provided refreshments or support for other UUCF events, or assisted with the bi-monthly Elmer Derr Road clean-up. Outside projects have included providing support to the local food bank, assisting in beautification activities at local state and community parks, and packing donation boxes for Meals on Wheels or Blessings in a Backpack. Groups decide together what projects they want to work on, with the idea that as many group members as are able will participate. At least one of the service projects each year will be in partnership with an organization that is BIPOC-led and/or that supports BIPOC people or communities.

How do I join?

Look for sign-up announcements in the mid-week e-mail and order of service beginning in September. A sample chalice session is usually planned at the beginning of each new cycle so those who have never participated in chalice groups before can see what they are like.

New members may be added to these groups during the year on a space-available basis, or if enough people sign up, a new group can be formed during the year at a time that is convenient for all participants.

  • Register online during open registration periods.
  • Register by email: send your name, phone number, and times you are available for a group to the .

Sample Sessions are held in the Fall.

(Note: The Short Link for this page is FrederickUU.org/chalice)