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Chalice Circles


Register online during open registration periods. (Typically September & January.)

Update as of 9/9/23: There are 5 Chalice Circles. The following two Chalice Circles still have openings:

  • Monday evening on Zoom
  • Thursday evening on Zoom

What are they?

Chalice Circles are small groups of 8 to 10 members and friends of the congregation, that meet twice a month from October to June, for approximately 2 hours. They are designed to build community and nurture personal and spiritual growth through reflection, personal sharing, and deep listening around a topic chosen for the session. Topics for discussion have included such things as:

  • Resilience
  • Trust
  • Spirituality
  • Our mentors
  • Inclusion
  • Forgiveness
  • Art and Music in our lives
  • Paganism.

Most groups are currently meeting on zoom based on the wishes of the group members and current Covid guidelines.

Who runs the program?

Each group, led by 2 facilitators, follows a consistent format with clear guidelines to help create a space where all feel accepted and valued. The current co-chairs are Bobbi Mead and Mary Ann Foltz, who can be reached at .

What are the meetings like?

Chalice meetings follow an established pattern:

  • Chalice lighting and opening reading
  • Check-in Participants briefly share what is on their hears and minds (limited to a few minutes per person.)
  • Topic and Discussion-The topic is presented by a short reading or quotes, followed by discussion questions to elicit thoughtful discussion and reflection
  • Check-out for final comments
  • Closing words and chalice extinguishing

What is expected of participants?

  • Participants are asked to make chalice sessions a priority in their schedule in order for the group to build trust and deepen connection. While occasional schedule conflicts do arise, the intent is not for chalice circles to be a "drop in when you want" kind of group. That said, individual circles do have different ways they handle this commitment.
  • The practice of deep listening is also an expectation for group members. Deep listening is a way of focusing full attention on what each member is saying, without interruption. That gives each participant the opportunity to speak, knowing they will not be interrupted, judged, or "fixed."

How do I join?

Look for sign-up announcements in the mid-week e-newletter and order of service beginning in late August.

New members may be added to these groups during the year on a space-available basis.

  • Register online during open registration periods.
  • Register by email: send your name, phone number, and times you are available for a group to the .

(Note: The Short Link for this page is frederickuu.org/chalice)