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Date Time Service Speaker Topic/Sermon Liturgist Story Testimonies Hymns Accompanist Music Sound Tech Ushers Coffee Greeters Desk Duty Welcome
Sun May 31 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Why the Making of Asian America Matters" Jen/AllisonYoung:300-750 188 쏞ome, Come, Whoever Your Are
1015 "I Know I Can
Steve and Cheryl Nichole Hodges-Abbasi
Sun Jun 7 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Mind, Matter, Mystery, & Meaning" Carole Larsen 1003 쏻here Do We Come From? (Scarlet)
1064 쏝lue Boat Home(Danielle already recorded)
Hymns covered Danielle Grace & Brian Anderson
Sun Jun 14 10:30am Sunday Dr. Terry Anne Scott "TBA" Rev. Carl 153 Oh, I Woke Up This Morning (Martha/Elaine)
1035 Freedom Is Coming (Dick&Jeff)
Hymns Covered Nichole Hodges-Abbasi
Sun Jun 21 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl (2k) "Bodies, Laws, & Reproductive Justice" Jen:750k; Danielle:CL/CE Split-plate 1012 쏻hen I Am Frightened (Elaine)
1017 쏝uilding a New Way(Julia already recorded)
hymns covered Bill & Lisa Bromfield
Sun Jun 28 10:30am Sunday Rev. Joan Javier-Duval "10am-11:30am uua.org/ga/off-site/watching/sunday" Rev. Carl:BreakoutRooms UUA UUA UUA
Sun Jul 5 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "We the People " Steve Buckingham 159 쏷his Is My Song(Nichole already recorded)
318 "We Would Be One" (Sarah)
Hymns Covered Steve Buckingham & Cheryl O섳rien
Sun Jul 12 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Jen "High Summer: How We Are With Each Other" Danielle Grace 194 쏤aith is a Forest (Kiley)
1064 쏝lue Boat Home (already done)
Hymns Covered Irene Glasse & Chris Kackley
Sun Jul 19 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Natural, Normal, Nothing" Mary Fletcher Split-plate 352 쏤ind a Stillness
16 쒋셏is a Gift to Be Simple (Marguerite&Jeff)
Hymns Covered Danielle Grace & Brian Anderson
Sun Jul 26 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "The Mystical Insights of Rumi " Jen 1000, 쏮orning Has Come(Brian/Danielle already recorded)
1058 Be Ours a Religion (Donna)
Hymns Covered Nichole Hodges-Abbasi (+Irene & Chris)
Sun Aug 2 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl ""The Four Reminders" " Jen 6 쏪ust As Long As I Have Breath (already done)
354 쓂e Laugh, We Cry (Donna)
Hymns Covered Bill & Lisa Bromfield
Sun Aug 9 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Thoreau, Animal Emotions, & Us" Amie & Juliet 83 쏻inds Be Still
298 쏻ake, Now My Senses (v. 1-5) (Marguerite&Jeff)
Hymns Covered Danielle Grace & (???)Calvert Thompson
Sun Aug 16 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Myths, Memories, Suffrage, & Justice" Jen Split-plate 109 쏛s We Go Marching (Brian)
1028 쏤ire of Commitment (already recoreded)
Hymns Covered Scarlet Fannin & Nick Int Veldt
Sun Aug 23 10:30am Sunday Intern Minister Jen "The Uncertain Anthropocene & the Infinite Game" Rev. Carl 1003 쏻here Do We Come From?
131 쏬ove Will Guide Us" (both already done)
Hymns Covered Sea Raven
Sun Aug 30 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Neurodharma" Lora Powell-Haney 1009 쏮editation on Breathing (Hillary,Scarlet,Steve&Cheryl)
1031 쏤illed with Loving Kindness (Hillary)
???: Deb recruiting hymn singers Stephen Darnell
Sun Sep 6 10:30am Sunday Rev. Carl "Utopia for Realists" Karen Butler 157 "Step by Step (sing twice)
쏶olidarity Forever (Carl has lyrics) (Kiley)
Hymns Covered Steve Buckingham & Cheryl O섳rien