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How to Propose Future Courses

To suggest a future class, workshop, or other Adult (or Multigenerational) Religious Education activity please email with the following proposed course information:

  1. Course Title
  2. Your Name
  3. Dates & Times of sessions
    1. Include whether your course will be "In-person only," "Zoom only," and/or multi-platform (simultaneous options for both in-person and online). If Zoom is involved, do you need one of UUCF's Zoom Rooms or do you have your own professional-level Zoom account?
    2. Be sure to clarify not only when the session itself will begins/ends, but also when you will need access to the room for any set-up beforehand and any clean-up afterward to leave the room how you found it. (We want to be sure the full room usage time is reserved to avoid double-booking space.)
    3. Before choosing your preferred dates/times of sessions, please visit our online calendar, and click on "Show Details" at the top of the calendar. (Also, if you hover your mouse over a calendar event, it will tell you the room that it will be in.) Select a time based both on your schedule and our room availability. Multiple events can happen at the same time at UUCF as long as you are not requesting a room previously reserved at that time or programming against an event that is likely to draw the same crowd you are hoping to reach.)
  4. Total number of sessions
  5. Description of class that is 500 characters or less (the following online tool can be used for that count: http://www.charactercountonline.com)
  6. Cost of session (Please see below for our "Policy for Adult Spiritual Enrichment (ASE) Program Fees.")
  7. Note that if childcare is needed, it must be provided by approved UUCF Childcare workers (a list is available from and must be paid for out of the budget for your event.
  8. Your qualifications for offering this course (particularly if you haven't led a similar course at UUCF in the past)
  9. Preferred Phone Number
  10. Other relevant information

Program Fees and Donations

  • Programs offered on Sunday before or after the service and programs directly linked to congregational operations will be usually offered without asking for a donation;
  • Programs offered at other times often have a donation to UUCF of $5 per 1-2 hour session will often be suggested but not required for attendees at other Adult Religious Education programs to assist in defraying program costs, such as childcare. (Fees may be waived at the discretion of the Adult Spiritual Enrichment committee or the minister.)
  • Any donations will be collected by the program provider and turned in to the UUCF office immediately following each session. All monies will be submitted to "UUCF." Due to reason of taxes, financial tracking, etc. it is not permissible for payments to be made directly to instructor.
  • Higher fees are also possible. Note that typically at least 25% of any fee will be retained by UUCF. (The basic formula is take your base fee, multiply by 100—then divide by 75.)
  • If there will be any level of payment to an instructor, a "Memo of Understanding" between the instructor and UUCF must be completed to ensure everyone is on the same page about the details.
  • Before receiving a check, a presenter must turn in a completed W9 form to the UUCF Treasurer, which can be submitted in the Treasurer's box behind the Congregational Administrator's desk in the UUCF Office.
  • Reminder to UUCF Staff: the Treasurer payment chart also needs to be updated for each class.

Promoting Your Course

  • As the date nears for your course (usually at least 6 weeks in advance), you as the cource instructor are responsible for submitting announcements to promote your course in the Order of Service, Midweek E-newslettter, etc. using frederickuu.org/announce).
  • Likewise, to have a sign-up sheet included in the atrium cabinet, email your sign-up sheet to our Congregational Administrator at .

(The short link to this page is frederickuu.org/futurecourses.)