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Help: Submit Announcement

You may submit an announcement to the Sunday morning Order of Service, to the Midweek email distribution, to the Unison newsletter and the UUCF Website. One submission can sent it to all four or you can send a longer article to just the newsletter and website.

To submit an announcement, fill out the form giving:

  • Where the announcement is to go
  • The name of the activity (50 characters max)
  • A description of the activity (500 characters max)
  • Your name and email address (required)
  • Date and time, if appropriate
  • Where the activity will be located (room, address, etc.)
  • Any cost to participate (required or suggested)
  • A link to further information (like another web page)
  • Is this a recurring activity (e.g. every Tuesday)
  • Any notes or instructions

After you have filled out the form, press Submit. You will then have a final chance to review your announcement before sending it in. If it looks good, press Press again to submit. This will send your announcement to all the publications you have indicated.

Unison Newsletter Articles

You may submit the same announcement to all three publications, but if you want to submit a longer article to the newsletter, you may. To create a special newsletter article, just check the Unison box. This will give you a special form without any limits on size. Then when you press Submit, the Unison will get your longer article, which we still ask ideally be 400-500 words max. The Unison deadline is the 24th of each month.

Website Announcements

You may also create a webpage and a link on the home page. Like the Unison article, there is no length limit to a webpage. If you want to include special webpage formatting (e.g. italics, bold, lists, tables, links), look at the Easy Markup page. Remember, though, that Unison submissions cannot handle the special formatting.