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UUCF Annual Business Meeting

If you are a UUCF Member, please plan to:
  • either vote Absentee by Friday, June 11
  • or vote via Zoom on Sunday, June 13 at 11:45am after the 10:30 a.m. Sunday Service. If you are a UUCF Member who has not voted absentee and did not receive the Zoom link in your inbox by Noon on Saturday, email .
For quorum, we need at least 86 members to vote, which can be a combination of both absentee and Zoom. (86 members is 25% of our 344 voting members.)

Handouts (please read in advance)

OPTION 1: Absentee Voting (if NOT attending Annual Meeting)

  • Please only vote absentee if you will NOT be attending the Annual Meeting; otherwise, you could be counted twice for quorum or voting. (Absentee votes will count toward quorum.)
  • According to the UUCF Bylaws “The Board may also choose to use absentee voting instead of (but not in addition to) proxy voting at a meeting in which amendments are not allowed.”
  • To vote absentee, a UUCF member must email UUCF Board Secretary, Gary Magnuson () anytime from June 3rd until midnight on Friday, June 11 with your vote on the following three questions:
  1. Minutes: "I APPROVE the minutes of the previous meeting" or "I do NOT approve the minutes of the previous meeting."
  2. Election: "I APPROVE the slate of candidates" or "I do NOT approve the slate of candidates."
  3. Budget: "I APPROVE the board-recommended Budget" or "I do NOT approve the board-recommended Budget."
Gary will reply to your email to confirm that your absentee vote has been received.

OPTION 2: Zoom Annual Meeting (if NOT voting absentee)

  • If you are a UUCF Member who has NOT voted absentee by midnight on Friday, June 11, please plan to participate if possible in the online meeting on Sunday, June 13.
  • Because the Zoom "participant" number will be used to determine quorum and Zoom Polling (one vote per participant/device), the Zoom link for the Annual Meeting will be emailed only to UUCF members who have NOT voted absentee. (We will plan to email the Zoom link by Noon on Saturday, June 12.)
  • If you do NOT receive the weekly UUCF e-newsletter, please email by Friday, June 11 to make sure you receive the Annual Meeting Zoom link.
  • Only one vote allowed per device logged in to Zoom. If there is more than one UUCF Member per household, please log in on separate devices. (If there is more than one UUCF Member per household, and you will be UNABLE to log in on multiple devices, please email by Monday, June 7 to discern a mutually workable accommodation.)

After the meeting, the minutes from the 2021 Annual Meeting will be posted here.

(The short link for this page is frederickuu.org/AnnualMeeting.)