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Black History Month 2021

Black History Month: February 2021

Frances Ellen Watkins Harper was born to free African American parents in Baltimore, Maryland on September 24, 1825. During a time of slavery in the United States of America, she worked to promote abolition, civil rights, women's rights, and temperance. She was the first African American woman to publish a short story. She also wrote poetry and several books. To learn more, click on this LINK.

Fannie Barrier Williams was born to free African American parents in Brockport, New York six years before the Civil War. Throughout her life she worked to promote social justice, civil liberties and employment opportunities for African Americans. Fannie was also an accomplished speaker, writer, musician and artist. To learn more about this remarkable woman, click on this Link.

Don Speed Smith Goodloe was born in Lowell, Kentucky in 1878. He was an advocate of education for blacks and a founding member of Bowie State University. Goodloe was also a successful businessman and in 1916 was recognized in Who’s Who in America. He was also the first African American graduate of Meadville Theological School, a Unitarian seminary. To learn more, click on this Link.

David Eaton was born in Washington, D.C. in 1932. He was ordained as a Methodist minister but had been attracted to Unitarianism prior to that. Advised that there would be little opportunity for an African American in the predominately white Unitarian denomination, he did become the first African American to serve as senior minister in a large UU congregation with a racially balanced black and white membership. To learn more about his life, click on this Link.