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Using the Webpage Editor

The Webpage Editor is used to create a new webpage or to edit an existing one. You get to the webpage editor by clicking on [Edit this page] on a webpage, selecting Add webpage or List of pages on the System Administration page (click on Admin). The fields and buttons on this page are:
  • Title - Unique title of a page.
  • (large text area) - Enter your page text and markup here. Look at Basic Markup to see what to put here.
  • Insert - Add an m-dash or a picture.
  • Reason - A place to save the reason you are editing this page.
  • Filename - Automatically generated but may be changed. In the above example, the Filename is Our_Minister.php.


  • Show Preview - Display what your webpage will look like at the top of the Webpage Editor page. This will not save the text you have already entered.
  • Save Page - Save your text and create a webpage.
  • Edit Table - A matrix-like table editor.
  • Blank Page - Erase the contents of the editor.
  • Upload File - Used to copy an image or pdf file from your personal computer.
  • History - Display a list of all changes to this webpage. You may use this to revert the page to an earlier version.