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Help:Editing Web Pages

What web pages can I edit?

Once you are authorized, you can edit any page on the website that has "[Edit this page]" at the bottom. A web page may also be made completely public so that any UUCF member or friend can change it. To prevent accidents, we keep a record of all changes so you can revert to any previous version.

How to edit a web page

When you click on [Edit this page], you'll get a window with text and Easy Markup codes. Change whatever you like in the window and press the "Show Preview" button. If you like it, press the "Save Page" button and it will show you (and everyone else) your new page.

Help: Webpage Editor

How to create a new web page

New web pages are normally created from links from other web pages. For example, if I have a link such as New Pipe Organ, it will show up in red until someone creates a web page with that title. To create it, just click on the red link (you might want to buy the pipe organ first). Thus you can create a whole section of web pages one at a time by linking to them.