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How to edit a web page

Selecting a page to edit

There are two ways of selecting a page.

  1. Go to an existing page and click on [[Edit this page]]
  2. In the Admin section, click on List of Pages. You can then scroll down to the page you want to edit, or enter a search word. Clicking on the name takes you to the edit page.

Website Organization

The website is organized into sections called "directories," which are part of the address of the page. For example, the Friendly Forum (www.frederickuu.org/activities/The_Friendly_Forum) is in the "activities" directory. (Directories are sometimes called "folders" in other systems.)


Permission to edit a page is made for entire directories. So a person who may edit the Friendly Forum webpage, which is in the activities directory, may edit any webpage in the activities directory.

Using the Webpage Editor

Pages are created or edited in the Webpage Editor.

Designing the webpage

The webpage is designed and created using ordinary English text plus optional formatting information called markup.