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March for Our Lives

created by, inspired by, and led by students across the country who will no longer risk their lives waiting for someone else to take action to stop the epidemic of mass school shootings that has become all too familiar.

Chartered Bus from the UUCF Parking Lot and Urbana Park-n-Ride to the March in D.C.

  • Saturday, March 24, 2018
  • Pick-up at UUCF at 8:00 AM. Pick-up at Urbana Park-n-Ride at 8:20 AM. (Both are tentative.)
  • Return to Urbana Park-n-Ride about 6:40 PM, UUCF about 7:00 PM (both are tentative).
  • Drop-off point in D.C.: Union Station. Pick-up point in D.C.: TBD (stay tuned!)
  • Our buses are currently full.
  • Website for the national event: marchforourlives.com

Current Status

We have reserved two 47-passenger buses, with a total capacity of 94 people. At this writing, our buses are completely full with confirmed passengers. We have a waiting list of 11, but we do not have enough interest to fill a third bus.

Because of our relatively long waiting list, we are no longer accepting registrations.

Confirmed passengers: If you find that you cannot ride with us after all, please email to let us know. Unless you have someone in mind to take your seat, we will assign your seat to someone on the waiting list and put you and that person in contact so that payment for the seat can be settled between the two of you.

Updates at a Glance

The information under this heading gives you important updates in a concise format. The updates are in reverse chronological order (most recent on top). Please check this section often to determine what's new or what's changed.

  • (3/14 2300) We have received information that there will be a UU meet-up at the March, beginning at 11:00 AM, at the corner of Indiana Ave. NW and 7th St. NW. This location is near the Archives Navy Memorial metro station, and is just north of Pennsylvania Ave. NW, and near the advertised starting location of the March on Pennsylvania Ave. between 3rd and 12th Streets NW. The meet-up location is about a 15-minute walk from our drop-off location at Union Station.
  • (3/7 1030) Poster-Painting Party! Karen Reilly, our UUCF Office Administrator, is organizing a poster-painting party on Friday, March 23, from 3:00 - 6:00 PM at UUCF. Poster board, paints, markers, and brushes will be provided. Come with your own "catchy phrase" to create your own artistic yet powerful poster!

Pending Details

At this point we are missing some important information about the March. Here is what we do know:

  • (1) The March will begin at 12:00 noon, starting somewhere along Pennsylvania Avenue NW, between 3rd and 12th Streets NW.
  • (2) There will be a UU meet-up beginning at 11:00 AM at the corner of Indiana Avenue NW and 7th Street NW. This location is just north of Pennsylvania Avenue NW, and within easy walking distance to the starting location of the March at 12:00.

Here is what we don't know:

  • (1) The March route and duration. Of most importance to us is where it will end and how long it is expected to take. This information is relevant to our pick-up point and departure time to return to Frederick.
  • (2) Whether any activities other than the March (and UU meet-up) are planned.

At the moment we are contemplating adjusting our morning departure time to 9:00 AM rather than 8:00. We are also considering adjusting our departure time and pick-up location in D.C. to 4:00 PM from the back side of the Jefferson Memorial. We will send emails as more information is gained and plans firm up. Please be vigilant in watching for these emails!

Contact Person (Bus Coordinator)

If you should have any questions about the registration or payment processes below, or you have a question that is not answered by the material on this web page, please email the bus coordinator, Nick Int Veldt, at . Be sure to check your email for updates to the information on this webpage.


We are no longer accepting registrations for bus seats.

Paying For Your Seat(s)

We are no longer accepting online payments for bus seats.


If you paid for your seat(s) and find that you are not able to go with us after all, you may give (or sell) your seat(s) to others. If you do this, please send an email to identifying the holders of the seats being given up, along with the contact information (name, email address, and mobile phone number) of those who are claiming the seats.

If you can't use your confirmed seat(s) and don't have anyone who will take them, please contact the bus coordinator at . He will assign your seat(s) to those at the top of the waiting list. You'll be put in contact with those now assigned to the seat(s) so that payment can be arranged between the two of you.

To keep our administrative overhead within reason for this event, UUCF will not be able to process individual refunds if you find that you aren't able to go after having made payment.

Passenger List

(in the order of registration)

  1. Gregg, Carl ... CONFIRMED!
  2. Int Veldt, Nick ... CONFIRMED!
  3. Andrex, Ann ... CONFIRMED!
  4. Beutler, John ... CONFIRMED!
  5. McDougal, Penny ... CONFIRMED!
  6. Ramberg, Steve ... CONFIRMED!
  7. Bainbridge, Betsy ... CONFIRMED!
  8. Ladner, Jane ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  9. Ladner, Bob ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  10. Breiling, Annette ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  11. Topchik, Jack ... CONFIRMED!
  12. Topchik, Carol ... CONFIRMED!
  13. Gosnell, Carol ... CONFIRMED!
  14. Gleaton, Elaine ... CONFIRMED!
  15. Gleaton, Alexa ... CONFIRMED!
  16. Gleaton, Mark ... CONFIRMED!
  17. Pulsifer, Beth ... CONFIRMED!
  18. Uchino, Itsuro ... CONFIRMED!
  19. Uchino, Marilyn ... CONFIRMED!
  20. Andros, Mindy ... CONFIRMED!
  21. Andros, Olivia ... CONFIRMED!
  22. Barratt, Thomas ... CONFIRMED!
  23. Barratt, Marilou ... CONFIRMED!
  24. Bromfield, Bill ... CONFIRMED!
  25. Bromfield, Lisa ... CONFIRMED!
  26. Bromfield, Cole ... CONFIRMED!
  27. Farrell, Mary ... CONFIRMED!
  28. Magnuson, Gary ... CONFIRMED!
  29. Bradshaw, Pat ... CONFIRMED!
  30. Reilly, Karen ... CONFIRMED!
  31. Reilly Davis, Jan ... CONFIRMED!
  32. Holter, Libby ... CONFIRMED!
  33. Holter, Kurt ... CONFIRMED!
  34. Smith, Sabrina ... CONFIRMED!
  35. Smith, Aiden ... CONFIRMED!
  36. Smith, Cecilia ... CONFIRMED!
  37. Smith, Neil ... CONFIRMED!
  38. Everett, Moira ... CONFIRMED!
  39. Everett, Harper ... CONFIRMED!
  40. Kirsh, Katie ... CONFIRMED!
  41. Torok, Fiona ... CONFIRMED!
  42. Hufstedler, Jane ... CONFIRMED!
  43. Hufstedler, Geary ... CONFIRMED!
  44. Myers, Linda ... CONFIRMED!
  45. Bowers, Kate ... CONFIRMED!
  46. Allen, Abbie ... CONFIRMED!
  47. Ruud, Kathryn ... CONFIRMED!
  48. LeMessurier, Sandy ... CONFIRMED!
  49. Kehr, Cynthia ... CONFIRMED!
  50. Trader, Barbara ... CONFIRMED!
  51. Gregory, Mark ... CONFIRMED!
  52. Creedon, Diane ... CONFIRMED!
  53. Nichols, Chloe ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  54. Nichols, Dominic ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  55. Nichols, Chase ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  56. Norris, Scott ... CONFIRMED!
  57. Deacon, Joan ... CONFIRMED!
  58. McDougal, Colleen ... CONFIRMED!
  59. Hovestadt, Edward ... CONFIRMED!
  60. Sottile, Emily ... CONFIRMED!
  61. Kollmar, Donovan ... CONFIRMED!
  62. Sottile, Nikki ... CONFIRMED!
  63. Rattay, Shauna ... CONFIRMED!
  64. Rattay, Mya ... CONFIRMED!
  65. Rattay, Ava ... CONFIRMED!
  66. McDonald, Ed ... CONFIRMED!
  67. Powell, Jordan ... CONFIRMED!
  68. Precht, Laurie ... CONFIRMED!
  69. Precht, Geoffrey ... CONFIRMED!
  70. Precht, Stephen ... CONFIRMED!
  71. Kehr, Alan ... CONFIRMED!
  72. Mead, Bobbi ... CONFIRMED!
  73. Mead, Kiley ... CONFIRMED!
  74. Lund, Christina ... CONFIRMED!
  75. Moore, Tom ... CONFIRMED!
  76. Haney, Charles ... CONFIRMED!
  77. Jones, Richard ... CONFIRMED! (Park-n-Ride)
  78. Jones, Julia ... CONFIRMED!
  79. Hull, Zachary ... CONFIRMED!
  80. Hull, Naomi ... CONFIRMED!
  81. Singley, Susan ... CONFIRMED!
  82. Singley, Peter ... CONFIRMED!
  83. Palmer, Aileen ... CONFIRMED!
  84. Thompson, John ... CONFIRMED!
  85. Cruey, Claudia (YRUU) ... CONFIRMED!
  86. Schuman, Joey (YRUU) ... CONFIRMED!
  87. Young, Allison ... CONFIRMED!
  88. Richardson, Leo ... CONFIRMED!
  89. Pitcher, Diana ... CONFIRMED!
  90. Schepp, Deb ... CONFIRMED!
  91. Purvis, David ... CONFIRMED!
  92. Purvis, Samantha ... CONFIRMED!
  93. Goell, Caroline ... CONFIRMED!
  94. Buckingham, Steve ... CONFIRMED!

Waiting List

(in the order of registration)

  1. O'Brien, Cheryl ... DO NOT PAY YET
  2. Mayman, Christine ... DO NOT PAY YET
  3. Mayman, Aevin ... DO NOT PAY YET
  4. Virkus, Anita ... DO NOT PAY YET
  5. Paul, Lee ... DO NOT PAY YET
  6. Marshall, Lauren ... DO NOT PAY YET
  7. Marshall, Lowell ... DO NOT PAY YET
  8. Raynor, Patricia ... DO NOT PAY YET
  9. Freeman, Karen ... DO NOT PAY YET
  10. Morey, Rhonda ... DO NOT PAY YET
  11. Kline, Lew ... DO NOT PAY YET

(The short link for this page is frederickuu.org/MarchForOurLives.)