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Sorry, Donations are Closed

UUCF 2017 Auction Saturday, November 11, 2017

  • Please submit a separate form for each item or service donated.
  • Enter 2 or 3 characters of the donor name and select the correct name from the list.
  • If none are appropriate, just type the name(s) as you would like to see them.
  • If you wish to sign in and see what you've donated, enter your names and email addresses.
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Description of Donation

Give a unique title for your donation at least 15 characters long. Then give a more detailed description below. For live auction items, a longer description is encouraged.

Auction:I suggest my item appear in the: silent live auction

For Group Activities

Educational Event
Party or Dinner
Number of people:
Suggested date:

For Objects or Services

Artwork Jewelry
Crafts Small household items
Gastronomic Delights Tools
Service Other
Number offered:

Value and Minimum Bid

You must place an actual dollar amount on your offering. Do not underestimate its value or the value of your time.

Estimated value: $
(total amount for groups)
Minimum bid: $
(per person for groups)

Upload Photograph (optional)

Press "Browse" or "Choose File" to select a picture on your local computer. Then press "Upload Photo".


Finally, press "Submit Donation" to make your donation. You will get a confirmation email.