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Frederick Plein Air Artists

The Blanche Ames Gallery exhibit for April, 2013 will include works from members of the Frederick Plein Air Artists (FPAA). Oil paintings, water colors and pastels that have been painted outdoors (en plein air) will be included.The show will run from April 7th through April 30th with a reception for the congregation, friends and family being held from 12:30pm until 2:00pm on April 7th.

The genesis for the development of a structured plein air painting cluster was an outgrowth of the desire for artists to paint outdoors on a regular basis, in a safe environment and at inspirational locations. Using a model developed by Peter Plant, a public school art teacher, FPAA had it first outdoor painting session in July 13, 2011 at PennTerra, the farm of Barry and Monika Lucey. Since then they have painted each Wednesday, weather permitting, through November and starting up again the spring. The membership since that time has tripled and continues to grow. Presently 76 artists have signed on. It is the magic of the experience; of capturing the mood of the atmosphere, the dancing of the clouds or the brilliance of the light that brings these artists together. It is the discussion of style, techniques and approaches that inspires and expands the knowledge of all. There is the camaraderie that emerges as the members joke about the challenges of painting outdoors and become acquainted with each other over a cup of coffee or lunch. An ultimately there is the shared joy when someone sells their work. FPAA has surpassed its original purpose of forming a cluster, it is now a community of supportive artists who struggle at times, who are always challenged and frequently get it right.

Visitors are invited to this exhibit located at the Universalist Congregation of Frederick, 4880 Elmer Derr Road; Frederick, Maryland 21703. To view the show on another day, please call 301-473-7680 to assure the building is open. The gallery hours vary.

Examples of work to be shown are by Peter Plant and Sheryl Massaro